Factorio is a highly mod-able game. Almost all of the game dynamics, assets, objectives and objects can be altered or added by adding mods.

Installing Factorio mods can be challenging due to their complexity and the need for other mods that must be installed beforehand, referred to as mod dependencies. An example of this is the Space Exploration mod, which requires sixteen other mods for installation - quite the undertaking, even if you are utilizing our 1-click install for mods!

Luckily, you don't have to anymore. Our platform now supports 1-click Factorio mod installatin, with dependency support, we will automatically track the mods you would like to install and compile a list of other mods that will be required to run that mod. This process is quick and simple and only takes a single click.

Get started with Factorio mods.

To get started you need to login to your ServerFlex account on our Control Panel and find your Factorio server. From here click to "Mods" on the navigation bar. This is the page where you can select mods to add to your server.

For this example we are going to install Space Exploration. Using the search bar at the top left of the page you can search for mods by name and click the "Install Latest" button on the page. At this point you may be presented with a login screen, for instructions on how to proceed click here: https://serverflex.io/help/article/adding-mods-to-factorio-server.

Space exploration requires dependencies. Our software will compile a list of these dependencies and present them to you in a popup as shown below. All you need to do is click the button labelled "Install dependencies" and we will handle the rest.

How do I get the mods onto my computer from my server?

When players initially try to connect to your server they will be presented with a screen allowing them to sync the mods from your server. No hassle, no fuss, just a single click and you can get playing!

How can I tell which mods have been automatically installed on my server?

Mods that have been automatically installed on your server will appear in the list with a symbol of stacked boxes in the top right corner. (see image below).

What happens if I uninstall a mod dependency from my Factorio server?

Depending on the mod your server might fail to start, or that specific mod may not work. We recommend you do not manually uninstall or change the version of any mod that has been installed automatically, and we will show a warning each time you try to make any changes to a dependency.